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Save Money Online on Perfumes at Fragrance Outlet

Sample provided by Fragrance Outlet on behalf of BrandBacker

Just under 20 minutes from me are the Seattle Premium Outlets. It is a very busy outlet as it is about 75 minutes south of the Canadian border and many come shop at these outlets especially on holidays to save money in the states. The last time I was there was an average weekday just before Memorial weekend and as I wanted to stop into the Fragrance Outlet there it was a zoo. Many stores and the promenade were packed with shoppers and I actually waited till later in the day to come back and stop in to check the price of my favorite perfume. The Fragrance Outlet always has great prices and now I don’t have to fight the Outlet crowds. Fragrance Outlet is now online with an e-commerce store.

I was offered the chance to try this frank oliver perfume called Bamboo. I like to smell my fragrances first so I ordered this to arrive with my code blind from the scent. I did read that it had a bit of a floral scent. The descriptions is as noted below:
  • Top notes: Blackcurrant, violet leaves, ivy
  • Middle notes: Lily, rose, ylang-ylang, freesia
  • Base notes: Musk, cedar and vetiver
Because this sounds very similar to the perfume I am currently using, I knew I should like it and I do. In fact, I love it. You can definitely smell the lily and rose with that hint of musk. Not too floral-not fruity, but just pleasant.
While ordering my bottle of Bamboo I wanted some more of the hand cream I like. My package that arrived in the mail was so exciting. My perfume and hand cream arrived in a white box with a ribbon bow wrapped around it. Also inside the shipping box was some Fragrance Outlet Bucks to use next order and a 4-piece perfume sampler set. What a great way to allow me to smell some new scents before I buy. Everyone loves goodies and I was thrilled to see a little extra packed in my shipping box. 
The bottle of Bamboo is short and wide. Spraying with one hand is very simple. It looks so elegant with an engraved bamboo stem across the bottle and a light pink liquid. It was tight in its boxed and the box was wrapped in cellophane so the bottle and all of its scent was secure inside keeping it fresh. This is an exclusive scent sold by Fragrance Outlet so if you also want to experience Bamboo you have to head here-online or in the store.
You’ll find many exclusives at so head to the store and if that is inconvenient for you, you can now shop online. You’ll love the prices and specials.


Twist All Natural Cleaning Products

I was sent samples for feature

Now that we know about the addition of chemicals, carcinogens and other harmful plastics and materials used in our everyday products, it gets frustrating to stand in a store and decide which brands are not just going to do the job but will help keep our families safe. Finding all natural products that are effective is getting easier and easier to come by and Twist is a new brand of all natural cleaning products I have in my home now.
Twist offers products such as sponges, scrubbers, cloths, gloves, loofahs and more that work great and are not only natural, but also plant-based and environmentally friendly. The best part is that it will not cost you a fortune over standard products. They are priced very well. 

The Twist line is a part of the Cleaner Home Living by Butler. Shopping is easy as you can browse in 4 categories for Twist products- cleaning tools, gloves, sponges and refills.

The Twist Loofah Dish Wand is a dye free cellulose and all natural loofah scrubber that holds soap so your hands stay out of the mess and grime. The wand is made from a recyclable plastic. There are replacement heads available.

Head to to learn more and order your own supply today. You won’t pay much more than in store and for a safer product for your home and the environment.

Yoplait® Yogurt: 1-Up Your Cup Kids Challenge

Has it ever occurred to you as a parent that no matter how stocked the grocery store shelves are we can still find it difficult to keep healthy snacks available for our family that they will actually eat? I am not talking so much about fancy labels on the not-so-healthy foods that kids are drawn to, but more about the creativity to take a healthy snack and make it fun to eat. Lately I have been finding ways to 1-Up our yogurt cups using the many delicious Yopliat® flavors I pick up whenever I am at Walmart.

Using yogurt as a base to a creative snack is a great option for them especially after a long day at school. And with Yoplait® and their never ending flavor options with some that come and go there are always ways to get creative. Yoplait® has original, light, greek, whips, lactose free and even kids varieties of yogurt. I love finding the newest limited edition flavors to add something new. Right now we have all loved the Chai Latte flavor. It is my son’s newest favorite.

Because I wanted to feature ways to 1-Up your yogurt cup in ways your child may like, I put my 7 year old son to the task. I filled the fridge with different flavors and told him that in the next few weeks to get creative and let’s find ways to eat yogurt with other foods or recipes.

Which 1-Up your Yoplait® kid creations topped them all?

Cracker Dip

So simple, yet so delicious! He opened the cupboard one day and said, “Mom? What yogurt goes good with crackers?” Since I have never dipped a cracker in yogurt before I told him to choose a cracker and we’ll base a flavor off of the type of cracker. He chose a cinnamon cracker so we decided on the Chai Latte flavor I mentioned above! That boy dipped and ate crackers until that yogurt was gone! He has grabbed that snack multiple times. Actually, as I sit here typing this post he is behind me with cinnamon crackers and a cup of Yoplait@ Chai Latte.

Yogurt Fruit

My son named this dish. Pretty self explanatory. I had some leftovers from a fruit salad one day and spooned some in a bowl when he asked if maybe I can pour yogurt on top. He chose Yoplait® Orange Creme and the result? I was told to always keep fresh fruit and that exact Orange Creme flavor in the fridge by my 7 year old. He loves it and actually chose it as dinner dessert the other night over ice cream!

Hot Yogurt Bowl

Again-my son named it. Lack of an original name, but all the flavor he loves! When his attempt to add yogurt to his real cereal instead of milk failed like I figured it might, I told him to pick an oatmeal and yogurt flavors and we would attempt to match flavors and come up with just the right combination. The winning flavor combinations? There are 2! He could not ever decide and has made both more than once:

Maple & Brown Sugar Oatmeal and Yoplait® Whips Chocolate
Cinnamon & Spice Oatmeal and Yoplait® Peach Yogurt

Straight from a child himself, with weeks of dipping, adding and topping dishes off with many flavors of yogurt, this 7 year old son of mine narrowed his top 3 favorites down to these features. How easy is that? After school snacks can not only be healthy, but fun and enticing enough the kids will actually prefer it. So, grab some Yoplait® yogurt on your next Walmart trip and tell the kids to get creative! It is fun to see them lean new tastes and get creative in the kitchen. Find some 1-Up cup ideas on the Yoplait® Pinterest board.

Do any of the above sound enticing enough for you child? In what ways might you 1-Up your yogurt cup? 
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