Cilio keeps you cool anywhere you go

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On those hot days anything to cool you down is a blessing from the heat. We have large portable A/C units in our home-one upstairs and one downstairs- but it only keeps a general area cool. The other bedrooms upstairs get so hot and we use fans but sometimes it is still too hot for proper sleep. My son heads off to college next month and I hear the dorm rooms get real muggy so he gets to take Cilio with him.

I like to keep cool towels and we have a lot of water cooled in the fridge but I had not thought about keeping hand fans available even for my youngest son. Mainly because I figured he’d damage a finger touching the spinning blades. Cilio is a fan I can get for everyone, even the 8 year old.
Cilio is a fun personal fan with one speed that has flexible rubber blades that stop immediately with contact to anything including fingers. It comes with the 2AA batteries requited so it is ready to use right away. He spins some serious cool breeze and it makes cilio a great hot day friend. Cilio comes in orange, blue, green and pink colors. At under $9 a fan you can stock up so everyone in the family has a cool breeze whenever they need it. Find your Cilio at Frieling Fresh Solutions.

Max One is the Emergency Device Every College Student Needs

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In a few weeks we will drive the middle son across state to move him into his College dorm room as a Freshman. It is scary to think he will just be dropped alone and we take the 6 hour drive back home without him. We have made lists and been checking them off buying everything we feel he’ll need in his new adventure. We know space its limited in his dorm he will share with a friend and fellow student, but we still want to pack him with the safety items that give us peace of mind.

“Guys, I won’t need that?” and you say “Honey, please take it. For me.” Sound familiar? Ease your mind by packing him or her the Max One. It is the emergency device that should be in every dorm or apartment. The Max One is a smoke alarm, emergency flashlight and motion sensor in one.

The Max One is so easy to set up. You simply plug it into an outlet. There are 4 modes-off, motion, security and nightlight. We set ours to nightlight and it did not turn on right away because it was daylight. Once the room got dark at night it came on but the night light kept blinking. I got it to stop by moving it to a new outlet. My youngest son still likes the hall light on and I tried it out in his room and since I had it facing the hallway it was competing in a light/dark atmosphere. It was not annoying at all to me to have to find the right spot due to its sensitivity to mirrors and outside light because sensitive is exactly what you want it to be when alerting your child of a fire or motion.

What does the Max One do? It searches out the high frequency pitch that smoke and carbon monoxide detectors emit and lets off a lower frequency alert. Why? Because many studies show that a teenager/college-age child may not respond naturally to the higher pitch. It takes a lower pitch for their maturing ears and if they are drinking (which of course your child is never going to do), the rate doubles to teens who will not wake to a traditional alarm. How do you know those sleeping logs will wake to a unit out in a dorm hall? The Max One will get them up.

The Max One is going off, now what? It will light your way. The emergency light kicks on illuminating and when grabbed from the wall becomes a flashlight from the top end to guide the way. When set to motion, your child will be alerted by the same flash and sound when motion is detected when none was expected. Peace of mind for all of you with daughters, I must say!

It is a no brainer and it’s as easy as heading to your local Home Depot for this life saving device. If the outlet situation is not convenient to plug it into, it does come with a stand so you can set on a table or desk and use a USB cord to keep charged from a computer or laptop. A few other features are it has a separate USB plug in so your student can still charge their device from the unit when the outlet is occupied by it. It also holds its own charge and lights up for a flashlight in a standard power outage. How much does this cost? $39.95. That’s it to save a life. Buy online at or visit a Home Depot before move-in day.

Ecos Natural Laundry Products Tackles Your Stains

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No matter the time of year or age of your children, laundry is a constant. If we could take all the stains we have seen and put them into words we’d have memories and stories to tell. As great as memories are, stains are not wanted and they need to go. As a Mom I only want to use safe ingredients on the clothes my children wear on their bodies everyday and this is why I love Ecos. It is affordable and offers environmentally friendly cleaning products with high quality, plant-derived agents safe for the entire family. Let’s take a look at some….
The only spray 2 bottles you’ll need! The Ecos Plant Powered All Purpose Cleaner is great for washing down the laundry room, kids toys, counters, table tops, stainless steel, stone, wood and more. This is the Orange Plus scent and you can find Parsley and Ginger scents too. 
The Eco Breeze Fabric Refresher comes in Lemongrass, Orange Blossom or Mint scents. They smell so good that you’ll want to take them anywhere to freshen any space or fabric.

My favorite clothes brightener cannot be found in a bottle of detergent. It is the added oxy power to include in your wash. I use this Oxo Brite that has natural Oxygen power and is color-safe with chlorine free ingredients.

Baby Ecos is a must for infants and toddlers. It is a hypoallergenic detergent free of formaldehyde, petrochemicals and is pH balanced. It has a built-in fabric softener so you don’t need a second product in your load. It is made to protect your baby’s sensitive skin.

I love the Free & Clear Ecos. Not only is it fragrance free, it does not contain dyes, formaldehyde, phosphates, dioxane or other harmful ingredients. It works for hot or cold loads in HE or non HE washers. If I want a scent to a load, I add a drop or 2 of my favorite essential oil.
You can find Ecos products at most major retailers. Use the best on your family while doing one of the most common chores in your home. Visit to learn more and make sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Spa Towels & Wood Tray Set: 6 pack Pure White 100% Cotton Washcloths (Bamboo Wood)

I was sent this set at discount for my honest review and i love the tough it rings to my bathroom. My downstairs bathroom gets a lot of daily use and when we have guests it is the main bathroom for them. Keeping 1 towel on a ring with a house of boys is impossible so having a tray with multiple washcloths is great for guests. It is a great quality tray and the towels are so white and bright and are a great quality. They dry well if using for hands after washing. Adds a pleasant touch to the bathroom.

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Moms- Make Mornings Easier By Adding These To Your Home!

You need to add an alarm clock to the rooms in your home to ensure everybody is up in time in the morning. Set your alarm at least 15 minutes earlier than the kids, so that you can have some time to get yourself ready before the kids are awake. Make sure everybody gets to bed early so that they are ready to wake up in the morning. Remember to set the alarm to go off twice so that they won’t fall back to sleep again.

A tankless water heater

Another thing you need to add to your home to make your life easier in the morning is a tankless water heater. They are so useful as they provide you with endless hot water which is handy for homes which are full of kids trying to get ready at the same time. If you have a traditional heater, it can be hard if it runs out before everyone has had a chance to have a shower. Find out some quotes for tankless water heater installation to see if it’s right for your household.

A quick kettle

You need a fast kettle if you want the morning to run smoothly when you are a mom. You will be using the kettle to make a cup of coffee (to help you through the stress) as well as make oatmeal for the children. Therefore, you don’t want to end up with a kettle that takes ages to heat up. You should choose one which will stay hot for ages after you have boiled it so that you don’t have to boil it again after 10 minutes! Here are some kettles which might be right for your household.

A shoe rack

Another thing you should add to your home to make your morning easier is a shoe rack. It’s a great way to keep everyone’s shoes in one place so that they can find them in the morning. If you have to go hunting for their shoes in their rooms, you are bound to end up being late leaving the home.

Extra hooks in the bathroom

You should also add some extra hooks in the bathroom to make your life much easier in the morning. As explained here, hanging the gels and lotions up that everyone needs will make it easy to access them for all the family. After all, you don’t want the kids coming in while you are getting ready and asking you to open lids. By hanging them up, it will save you time in the morning.

A meal planner

Another thing every mom needs to make life easier in the morning is a meal planner. Buy a planner which you can hang up on the wall. Write down everything you are planning to make for breakfast every day that week. You will then not have to rush around in the morning to find something to make.

These tips will ensure the morning runs smoothly, and you are at the gates on time for school.

VTech’s DS6671-3 Cordless Phone System syncs with your cell phone

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Cell Phones
Dad and his cell phone! Does he like to part with it? My husband would love to but working corporate at a major auto retailer, he may be off at 5pm Monday through Friday, but with stores open 7 days a week until as late as 9pm and the over 65 stores in his region that he is responsible for he can get a call at any hour when something comes up. But with a 2-level home he cannot always be near his phone or he has his phone carried around with him if he is expecting a call. 
We don’t have a landline anymore because years ago we decided we didn’t need one as we never used it. So we miss the handsets we can strategically place so we we’re never far from the ring. VTech finally found a way to allow your cell phone and notifications to become available to you around your home like we were used to. 

The VTech’s DS6671-3 Corldess Phone System syncs with up to 2 Android or iOS cell phone lines and up to 5 cordless hand sets. You can easily switch over your contacts as this unit will download up to 2000 phonebook contacts. Now when your cell rings or you get a text or even social media notifications you will get a beep or sound to alert you. 
You get the full features as your standard handset from a display screen to speaker phone on the handset. You also get a hands-free earpiece. It also has a full answering service so you can listen to your messages through the unit instead of with a phone to your ear. So, let’s take a step back into those cordless handset days and easy access to those important calls and finally connect from anywhere in the home or office with today’s technology. See VTech for more products like this that Dad will love.