#Giveaway: The New Release Book Mind=Blown Amazing Facts about this Weird, Hilarious, Insane World

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Mind=Blown: Amazing Facts About This Weird, Hilarious, Insane World
by Matthew Santoro
Release Date: August 9, 2016
Giveaway Hosted by: Parenting Healthy
If you are a You Tube fan, you have surely come across Matthew Santoro’s videos. He has over 5 million dedicated followers and his videos have been viewed over half a billion times. YOu may have seen his Top 10 lists of strange and surprising facts or his 50 Things to Blow Your Mind series. Either way, you laugh and learn with Matthew.
Now he has a new book to enjoy anywhere and at anytime. His book is titled, Mind=Blown: Amazing Facts About This Weird, Hilarious, Insane World. It has so many facts that you hardly want to believe are true. 

Did you know that a single search on Google takes more computing power than it did to land Apollo 11 on the moon? Just one of the fascinating facts in Matthew Santoro’s new book. The book is divided into 5 parts: Rules of Amazement, Who Came Up With That?, That Can’t Be True, Can It?, No Freakin Way and Fact Favorites.

To own your own copy, visit Penguin Books: Matthew Santoro
The Giveaway

1 lucky reader will win a copy of Matthew Santoro’s new release. Enter below. Open to US and ends on 8/9. Good luck!


Kyocera Patriot 3-Piece Knife Set

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As we have started packing our middle son for college and dorm move-in there are many items he needs but we also have to think of limited space and quality so we are re-buying items again later on. When it comes to kitchen, he needs to eat but only has a small fridge in his room. He has to go down the hall for a sink and microwave and another floor for a stove and oven. So, we think of items he needs whether he is heating water in his room or making a sandwich to using the stove for an actual meal. Knives are needed no matter what and there is no room for a bulky knife block. This Kyocera Patriot 3 pack of knives will work great. Just these 3 knives will fulfill his needs and they can be stored back in the plastic container they come in.

Kyocera was founded in 1959 in Japan. It opened a US-based company in 1969 and in North America Kyocera holds those same dedicated standards of high quality and advanced materials to make an effective product. The quality shows in this knife set. You get the Patriotic color theme which is a lot of fun- a red Santoku knife, blue Utility Knife and white Paring knife. With this Patriot set you save almost $20 than if you were to buy these 3 knife types separately. The set only runs $79.95 for all 3. If you know quality knives, this is a great deal and they will last.

If you need more gift ideas like this Patriot 3-piece set or want to browse other product, visit http://kyoceraadvancedceramics.com/ and make sure you follow on Facebook and Instagram.

Make Bath Time Safer For Baby With LatherMitts

Her name is Sarah and she is a Mom who also knows the struggle of bathing your slippery baby. It can be dangerous at times. I remember my son being young and I was soapy and he was soapy and I had to adjust him and would be so afraid he’d slip from my hands and have a head to porcelain accident. The difference between Sarah and most of us is she came up with a solution, LatherMitts.

LatherMitts Features include:
  • Safety: The gentle neoprene grip that lines LatherMitts’ thumb and forefinger ensures that squirmy, slippery kids are secure and safe in your hands.  Neoprene, commonly used in wetsuits, is hypoallergenic, non-slip and is naturally resistant to oil, mildew and mold.
  • Quality: The rest of the glove is made of white organic cotton, perfect for a baby’s sensitive skin.
  •  Dexterity: Get into hard-to-reach places like behind ears and under chins with ease.
  • Value: LatherMitts can be rewashed and reused again and again the same way you would use a washcloth.
  • Options: LatherMitts come in sizes small to extra large, so mom and dad can both cover bath time duties.
    You can buy your LatherMitts and get free shipping at http://www.latherup.co/new-products/. $20 is all it costs for a safer bath time. I would have loved these when my son is young, but he actually takes these in his bath at 8 years old and soaps them up and uses like a washcloth. He now lathers his own self up with the LatherMitts.

    Organize Your Work Space with 3M Products at Shoplet

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    Throughout the past year I have upgraded some work space equipment from new computer and even a new printer. But what I had not done yet was make my workspace function ergonomically and aesthetically for me. I had to wrist protection at my keyboard and was using some motor oil mouse pad I got at a fair years ago. I was looking down a bit at my computer screen and it was not doing my neck and shoulders any favors. 

    Why did I wait? My new 3M desk accessories arrived from Shoplet and it not only transformed the look of my workspace but I look at my screen, not down and my wrist is supported whether using my mouse or typing.

    Shoplet offers products from office furniture to cleaning supplies. You can also find restaurant products and medical supplies as well. Starting with a simple and common product for any business-let’s look at the assortment of 3M products at great prices from Shoplet. 

    My 3M mouse pad with gel wrist rest is so sleek looking. I love the wipeable mouse surface and the gel makes the rest so comfortable. I have an optical mouse and it moves fast and with no hesitation on this surface. Underneath is a nonskid surface. It stays put all day long.
    With my mousepad I also have the 3M keyboard with gel wrist rest pad. It is also non skid and stays in place very well, but it gives my wrist the same comfort as the mousepad when I am typing away. I am able to work with good wrist and arm form.

    What is so great for me ergonomically is the 3M adjustable monitor stand. I have 4 height options with simple block fitting at the 4 feet. I also now have more work space because so many items I use fit underneath the stand. My post-it notes, business cards, chargers all fit underneath clearing my worktop.

    If you have been looking to bulk order and save as you schedule future orders, I highly encourage you to visit Shoplet. If you know a business owner, this is worth a share for them. 

    2 Ways to Show Your Team Spirit

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    I have learned so much as we prepare to send our middle son off to College in the fall. We are first-time college parents and there is so much we need to do to get them dorm ready for their new adventure away from home. I’ve learned to keep my eyes open and watch for items I know my son will want to have as he heads off in August. He is attending WSU (Washington State University) so having spirit wear items are at the top of any students list. I was contacted by Jaymo of 2 different products and the fun ways the students can bring school pride with them in small items that won’t take up dorm space.

    First are the portable and reusable signs from ZipSign. This is so fun because my son loves sports and I assume will attend school home games often. Now he can take the team spirit with him in his pocket in any weather. ZipSign also comes in a Game Day Pack- a bundle that includes a dry erase marker and eraser along with a roll-up sign. You choose the colors. We chose the red because Crimson and Grey are his school colors and WSU is the Cougars. 
    The boards are easy to write on and erase and folding it up does not run the ink. However, I let it dry a second before rolling up. They measure 9″ by 27″. This is plenty of room to get creative and write your messages.
    The second product that offers a fun way to carry around your team pride is with keychains and bag tags. These come blank with very simple instructions to cut a photo to size or print a photo/logo to size and insert. Personalize It Yourself sent my son some pre-made Cougar pride products to carry around. Our youngest son is a huge Goosebumps fan and it is not possible to locate Goosebumps novelty items so I hopped online and printed him a logo to insert in the keychain and he proudly carries it around. How fun is this?
    Personalize It Yourself has pens, luggage tags, keychains, stylus, tumblers, device cases and more you can customize online or at home and carry with you. Taking any of their items and inserting logos and College images is so easy and a special treat for your student.
    The prices are so great at each site and you’ll have fun creating gifts to leave with your student that they will be proud to use and show off. 

    Handmade Greeting Cards for Under $1

    Have you seen the price of a greeting card? I had some birthday parties in our family recently and after grabbing a few cards and heading to the checkout my total was $25! That was like an entire extra gift for someone. It is crazy and who keeps that overpriced stock card anyway? So a friend and I got together and started making our own. Most of what we use is crafts we already have laying around the house after years of kids and I hit the Dollar Tree up for the rest. I was just at my local store and found so many pegs of adorable raised stickers for $1 a pack that are perfect for cards. For kids I found bubble stickers and googly eye stickers they will love. I spent $14.01 and filled a bag of so many stickers. If I average 2-3 stickers a package I estimate my entire years worth of holiday and birthday cards can be made from this one trip along with card stock, stamps and ribbons I already have at home.
    My Happy Birthday Flower card is all stickers and gel pen. I have the worst handwriting but was out of ink for my happy Birthday stamp and wanted to finish this idea for you. In one sticker pack I had long rectangle stickers so I peeled one and stuck it across the bottom of the card. I then cut my folded card stock paper to be the exact width of the sticker so it fills the entire space. I opened one of my new floral assortment of raised stickers and placed 3 of them strategically on the card. I wrote Happy Birthday (or you can stamp or sticker the phrase). That’s it. It cost me about 1/4 of a packet of $1 stickers and 1 piece of paper.

    My Blank card for a Thank You or Hello was a sticker from a word pack of wedding stickers I have and 2 of my raised butterfly stickers from a $1 pack. I used glitter glue to do something fun to fill the bottom space and let dry. 
    My Birthday Boy card is from a fun set of raised robot theme stickers I got for $1 a pack and I still have 5 stickers left for more cards like this. I have a nephew turning 7 late this month and this is his card. I had a stash of star foam stickers and filled space with 3 of those. Glitter glue was used to line the bottom part of the card.
    How easy is this? Once you gather fun items in a ‘card box’ and hit the $1 stores for fun stickers, glitter glues  I promise you WILL save money all year on birthday cards. The best part is that your kids can be handed the box to create some too! We have sat down and in one afternoon made a season’s worth of cards for upcoming events and holidays.

    Marcus & Marcus Food Safe Gifts for Baby

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    Whether you or someone you know is expecting you may find that the stores and online sites are overloaded with baby products. It makes it so hard to decide which product is right for the new parents and baby. The best way I find to shop and narrow down my search is to stick to my personal criteria for baby products-safe and engaging. Baby wants to be stimulated or encouraged in their activities and Mom and Dad want these products to be safe. Marcus & Marcus has food safe gifts for babies and toddlers that you can trust bring peace of mind to parents at mealtime.
    Starting with the design and packaging, Marcus & Marcus products have that contemporary and vibrant look. The products are made BPA-free, PVC-free and Phthalate-free materials. It is a quality, durable food grade silicone rubber that is top rack dishwasher safe. They are soft, pliable and full of fun colors and illustrations.

    Marcus & Marcus products are available on Amazon and you can choose form 5 animals/colors: Marcus the Lion (Red), Pokey the Pig (Pink), Lola the Giraffe (Yellow), Ollie the Elephant (Green) and Willo the Whale (Purple).

    You can find the following products within the 5 themes of Marcus & Marcus mealtime products:
    Baby Bib, Teethers, Baby Spoon, placemat, learning chopsticks, divided plates, water bottle and more. Visit http://marcusandmarcusna.com/ to see all of the products.
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