Cilio keeps you cool anywhere you go

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On those hot days anything to cool you down is a blessing from the heat. We have large portable A/C units in our home-one upstairs and one downstairs- but it only keeps a general area cool. The other bedrooms upstairs get so hot and we use fans but sometimes it is still too hot for proper sleep. My son heads off to college next month and I hear the dorm rooms get real muggy so he gets to take Cilio with him.

I like to keep cool towels and we have a lot of water cooled in the fridge but I had not thought about keeping hand fans available even for my youngest son. Mainly because I figured he’d damage a finger touching the spinning blades. Cilio is a fan I can get for everyone, even the 8 year old.
Cilio is a fun personal fan with one speed that has flexible rubber blades that stop immediately with contact to anything including fingers. It comes with the 2AA batteries requited so it is ready to use right away. He spins some serious cool breeze and it makes cilio a great hot day friend. Cilio comes in orange, blue, green and pink colors. At under $9 a fan you can stock up so everyone in the family has a cool breeze whenever they need it. Find your Cilio at Frieling Fresh Solutions.

Kyocera Patriot 3-Piece Knife Set

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As we have started packing our middle son for college and dorm move-in there are many items he needs but we also have to think of limited space and quality so we are re-buying items again later on. When it comes to kitchen, he needs to eat but only has a small fridge in his room. He has to go down the hall for a sink and microwave and another floor for a stove and oven. So, we think of items he needs whether he is heating water in his room or making a sandwich to using the stove for an actual meal. Knives are needed no matter what and there is no room for a bulky knife block. This Kyocera Patriot 3 pack of knives will work great. Just these 3 knives will fulfill his needs and they can be stored back in the plastic container they come in.

Kyocera was founded in 1959 in Japan. It opened a US-based company in 1969 and in North America Kyocera holds those same dedicated standards of high quality and advanced materials to make an effective product. The quality shows in this knife set. You get the Patriotic color theme which is a lot of fun- a red Santoku knife, blue Utility Knife and white Paring knife. With this Patriot set you save almost $20 than if you were to buy these 3 knife types separately. The set only runs $79.95 for all 3. If you know quality knives, this is a great deal and they will last.

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3 Delicious Ways To Get Protein Into Your Morning Diet #Giveaway

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The plan to survive back to school should include a few factors. I have one boy off to College across state and an 8 year old entering 3rd grade. My youngest is also into sports year round. I also work in his district at the High School and am on the PTA board. Given that, I am off all summer so the transition to back to school is a rough one for us. I’m suddenly off all work and volunteering all summer and my son is out of school. In September it all just starts back up from rest to work.

Orgain has committed to bringing us a very important element into our morning routine-adding protein to the start of our day for the entire family. Orgain even helps further by offering 5 Back to School Survival tips
  1. Include Protein in Your Breakfast Within 30 Minutes of Waking Up– this reduces carb cravings and boosts your metabolism to start your day off right
  2. Consolidate Your Morning Routine– products that multi-task can save us time and money. With Orgain Cold Brew Coffee + Protein you can get the morning caffeine with your protein
  3. Let Kids Drink Their Breakfast– kids lagging some mornings? Hand them a shake for breakfast. The Orgain Healthy Kids shakes are packed with all they need to start their busy day
  4. Don’t Get Hungry– carry protein bars around with you. Protein staves off hunger and gives you lasting energy
  5. Eat One Meal Together– dinner together is an obvious concept but sometimes hard to do. Each day find the best meal to sit down together for and take that time to reflect on the day
Orgain has many protein options and 3 of my favorite are great ways to get delicious and healthy protein into your morning diet. My favorite is the Orgain Cold Brew Coffee + Protein Iced Mocha and Iced Coffee variety. It is so delicious and very filling. You will not feel like you still need that coffee shop mocha due to how full you start your day off after finishing the drink.
Orgain Organic Nutrition Complete Protein Shakes have an16 grams of protein. You have 4 flavor choices-creamy chocolate fudge, sweet vanilla, strawberries & cream and iced cafe mocha. These shakes also start you off with 23 vitamins and minerals in an organic fruit and veggie blend that is naturally delicious. For the kids, the Orgain Healthy Kids Organic Nutritional Shakes come in 3 flavors-chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. They start their day off with 8 grams of organic protein and 23 vitamins and minerals. It’s a great breakfast to hand them when running behind in the morning.
Don’t want to drink your protein? A third way to get that healthy start is with the Orgain Organic Protein Plant Based Bar. They come in 4 flavors- peanut butter, peanut butter and chocolate chunk, chocolate chip cookie dough and s’mores. These bars are great for breakfast, lunch or filling snack and bring you about 10 grams of organic plant-based protein and are 100% vegan, gluten-free and Non-GMO. They are 140 calories and only contain 4 grams of sugar.
So get that healthy start and feel the difference. Find Orgain at a store near you while back to school shopping. And don’t forget to add them to you college care packages for your older student throughout the year.


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Max One is the Emergency Device Every College Student Needs

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In a few weeks we will drive the middle son across state to move him into his College dorm room as a Freshman. It is scary to think he will just be dropped alone and we take the 6 hour drive back home without him. We have made lists and been checking them off buying everything we feel he’ll need in his new adventure. We know space its limited in his dorm he will share with a friend and fellow student, but we still want to pack him with the safety items that give us peace of mind.

“Guys, I won’t need that?” and you say “Honey, please take it. For me.” Sound familiar? Ease your mind by packing him or her the Max One. It is the emergency device that should be in every dorm or apartment. The Max One is a smoke alarm, emergency flashlight and motion sensor in one.

The Max One is so easy to set up. You simply plug it into an outlet. There are 4 modes-off, motion, security and nightlight. We set ours to nightlight and it did not turn on right away because it was daylight. Once the room got dark at night it came on but the night light kept blinking. I got it to stop by moving it to a new outlet. My youngest son still likes the hall light on and I tried it out in his room and since I had it facing the hallway it was competing in a light/dark atmosphere. It was not annoying at all to me to have to find the right spot due to its sensitivity to mirrors and outside light because sensitive is exactly what you want it to be when alerting your child of a fire or motion.

What does the Max One do? It searches out the high frequency pitch that smoke and carbon monoxide detectors emit and lets off a lower frequency alert. Why? Because many studies show that a teenager/college-age child may not respond naturally to the higher pitch. It takes a lower pitch for their maturing ears and if they are drinking (which of course your child is never going to do), the rate doubles to teens who will not wake to a traditional alarm. How do you know those sleeping logs will wake to a unit out in a dorm hall? The Max One will get them up.

The Max One is going off, now what? It will light your way. The emergency light kicks on illuminating and when grabbed from the wall becomes a flashlight from the top end to guide the way. When set to motion, your child will be alerted by the same flash and sound when motion is detected when none was expected. Peace of mind for all of you with daughters, I must say!

It is a no brainer and it’s as easy as heading to your local Home Depot for this life saving device. If the outlet situation is not convenient to plug it into, it does come with a stand so you can set on a table or desk and use a USB cord to keep charged from a computer or laptop. A few other features are it has a separate USB plug in so your student can still charge their device from the unit when the outlet is occupied by it. It also holds its own charge and lights up for a flashlight in a standard power outage. How much does this cost? $39.95. That’s it to save a life. Buy online at or visit a Home Depot before move-in day.

Healthy Dorm Room Meals and Snacks

Whether your student is vegetarian or into all natural snacks, there are many options for them to have stashed in their dorm room for quick food options. In most dorms, access to cooking appliances is inconvenient so we know they will resort to quick, microwave-friendly meals. If we leave them with a lot of junk they will eat it, but if you leave them with healthier options, they will get hungry enough to eat them as well. I have done that trick in my own home and it has resulted in the boys actually liking foods they didn’t think they would. 
Explore Cuisine has pastas and soups that are gluten-free, USDA Organic, vegan and Non-GMO verified. The lentils, beans and noodles are brought from the sustainable fields to you. Explore Cuisine Instant Soybean Noodle Soups are made just like your average noodle cup soup. What I like is that the noodles are packaged within the serving cup. These cups easily squish and when  noodles are exposed when lids tear or separate from the cup it can go stale. When ready to eat you peel off the lid, open the noodles and seasoning packets and empty back into the bowl before adding water and optional salt packet. It takes 3 minutes in the microwave. 

One cup of Soybean Noodle Soup fill them with about 230 calories, 21 grams of protein and some calcium, vitamin C and iron. The protein is plant-based for a healthy meal. Fork included.
Another snack choice that is 100% natural and great for the olive lover are Gaea Greek Olive snacks. These olives come in a few varieties. The pitted green olives come flavored with: lemon & oregano, chili & black pepper, basil & lemon and then there are pitted kalamata olives. The olives are picked from the finest olive fields in Greece.
Gaea snack olives are the first olive snack in the world without preservatives. They are not floating in liquid and the bags are resealable. Visit to see all of their olive products from oils to dressings.

2 Ways to Show Your Team Spirit

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I have learned so much as we prepare to send our middle son off to College in the fall. We are first-time college parents and there is so much we need to do to get them dorm ready for their new adventure away from home. I’ve learned to keep my eyes open and watch for items I know my son will want to have as he heads off in August. He is attending WSU (Washington State University) so having spirit wear items are at the top of any students list. I was contacted by Jaymo of 2 different products and the fun ways the students can bring school pride with them in small items that won’t take up dorm space.

First are the portable and reusable signs from ZipSign. This is so fun because my son loves sports and I assume will attend school home games often. Now he can take the team spirit with him in his pocket in any weather. ZipSign also comes in a Game Day Pack- a bundle that includes a dry erase marker and eraser along with a roll-up sign. You choose the colors. We chose the red because Crimson and Grey are his school colors and WSU is the Cougars. 
The boards are easy to write on and erase and folding it up does not run the ink. However, I let it dry a second before rolling up. They measure 9″ by 27″. This is plenty of room to get creative and write your messages.
The second product that offers a fun way to carry around your team pride is with keychains and bag tags. These come blank with very simple instructions to cut a photo to size or print a photo/logo to size and insert. Personalize It Yourself sent my son some pre-made Cougar pride products to carry around. Our youngest son is a huge Goosebumps fan and it is not possible to locate Goosebumps novelty items so I hopped online and printed him a logo to insert in the keychain and he proudly carries it around. How fun is this?
Personalize It Yourself has pens, luggage tags, keychains, stylus, tumblers, device cases and more you can customize online or at home and carry with you. Taking any of their items and inserting logos and College images is so easy and a special treat for your student.
The prices are so great at each site and you’ll have fun creating gifts to leave with your student that they will be proud to use and show off. 

Target College Bound Must-Haves for the Dorm

In under 2 months they will be off, on their own living the College life. Right now it’s just the beginning of opening up our wallets to assist them in this journey. target has always had great brands and good prices. They are definitely a store you’ll want to browse as you shop for the dorm essentials.

Here are some picks I decided on when it comes to our own son as he heads off this fall to college…

Large Milk Crate Wire Storage Bin – Antique Pewter with Copper Handle – Threshold™ 

-Storage is very limited in the rooms, so having this basket that you can see through keeps papers and items in one place and can easily be retrieved.

Room Essentials™ Round Cereal Bowl & Dinner Plate

Simply because they need to eat, but they are only 1 so picking up one or two sets means they learn to wash those dishes often before next meal or snack.

Sheet Set Microfiber with Storage Pocket – Room Essentials™

Remember that those dorm room beds are a Twin XL size meaning they are longer than a standard twin. Make sure you check for this size bedding.

Cantilever Floor Lamp Brass – Threshold™

With limited room space, this slim floor lamp fits into any space for extra lighting.