So Cozy Cinch Safe and Effective Kids Hair Care

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Happy Back to School! Depending on your household that’s either a good thing or a bad thing. I work at the High School so back to school for the boys means back to work for me. Now this year is a bit more simple for me in a few ways. Our oldest lives on his own and works. The middle son is done with primary school and we take him across state to college next month so I am sadly left with one boy in the home heading into 3rd grade. That is a pretty independent age so my mornings are typically smooth. The other little plus is with boys I never have hair issues-no tangles in the morning or braids to do or undo. No tears when running brushes through the hair. I remember all those moments when I was younger with my long, fine hair. 

The So Cozy Cinch collection takes care of the hair so you can focus on the rest of your morning routine. How does it take care of the hair? It uses safe and effective ingredients you feel good about using on your family and it is effective. I gave my detangler and conditioner to a friend who’s daughter is almost 3 and hair is wild. It tames her mane with ease and smells so good too. Because it’s available at Target, Buy Buy Baby, Bed Bath and Beyond, CVS and online retailers you can actually locate this product and get it into your home on your next set of errands. 
  1. 3 in 1 Shampoo + Conditioner + Body Wash: does it all. It has a blend of mango, mandarin and kiwi leaves with a burst of peach and wild musk with keratin, soy protein, silk amino acids, kiwi fruit extract and other fruit complexes that cleans and conditions hair and skin
  2. 2 in 1 Shampoo + Body Wash: this combines a twist of pink guava and tropical greens with passion flower and pineapple. It has the same key ingredients as the 3 in 1 only it uses hops extract and arnica flower instead of the citrus complexes.
  3. Super Hydrating Conditioner: It is very lightweight and nourishing with ripe berry and a hint of vanilla with jojoba oil and lemon, orange and pure sugar cane
  4. Detangler + Leave-In Conditioner: this is for those tangle-free mornings you dream of. you spray, comb in and head out the door. it has fruit blends and jasmine and vanilla for a great aroma. 
So Cozy products have no parabens, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic color, propylene glycol, formaldehyde, gluten, wheat, peanut OR tree nuts. How is that for a list of no-no’s respected within these products? Make sure to visit for more collections and visit them on Facebook and Instagram.


Make Bath Time Safer For Baby With LatherMitts

Her name is Sarah and she is a Mom who also knows the struggle of bathing your slippery baby. It can be dangerous at times. I remember my son being young and I was soapy and he was soapy and I had to adjust him and would be so afraid he’d slip from my hands and have a head to porcelain accident. The difference between Sarah and most of us is she came up with a solution, LatherMitts.

LatherMitts Features include:
  • Safety: The gentle neoprene grip that lines LatherMitts’ thumb and forefinger ensures that squirmy, slippery kids are secure and safe in your hands.  Neoprene, commonly used in wetsuits, is hypoallergenic, non-slip and is naturally resistant to oil, mildew and mold.
  • Quality: The rest of the glove is made of white organic cotton, perfect for a baby’s sensitive skin.
  •  Dexterity: Get into hard-to-reach places like behind ears and under chins with ease.
  • Value: LatherMitts can be rewashed and reused again and again the same way you would use a washcloth.
  • Options: LatherMitts come in sizes small to extra large, so mom and dad can both cover bath time duties.
    You can buy your LatherMitts and get free shipping at $20 is all it costs for a safer bath time. I would have loved these when my son is young, but he actually takes these in his bath at 8 years old and soaps them up and uses like a washcloth. He now lathers his own self up with the LatherMitts.

    All-Natural Chamomile Baby Wash

    Being able to bottle up a little bit of nature and use it in everyday products for healing effects is such a great way to bring natural products into our homes. Chamomile is a safe plant that has been used in traditional medicine to treat anxiety and stomach upset. It is calming-like lavender. When we think of everyday situations with baby on when we need them calm we think bed time and bath time. This is why we traditionally bathe before bed. The actual healing effects of a warm bath is a natural soother and then we better transition baby into sleep time. Apsara took lavender and chamomile, along with neem and tumeric and bottled it up into a baby wash for bath time.
    Aspara Chamomile Baby Wash is a shampoo and bath gel for babies and kids that does not contain harsh chemicals or synthetic ingredients. You will not find any parabens, SLS, phthalates, petrochemicals or artificial ingredients. It is also vegan and cruelty-free.
    There is such a simple list of ingredients that are natural and 100% therapeutic grade botanicals. Apsara does not just make baby wash, but also lotions, serums and cleaners for you and your everyday use. It is hard to decifer what beauty and cleansing products contain the safest ingredients, especially if you are vegetarian and vegan. Apsara is a brand for you with prices you will enjoy for the ingredient list you get. Visit to see all the products.

    Marcus & Marcus Food Safe Gifts for Baby

     I was sent product on behalf of Brilliant Baby Products for feature
    Whether you or someone you know is expecting you may find that the stores and online sites are overloaded with baby products. It makes it so hard to decide which product is right for the new parents and baby. The best way I find to shop and narrow down my search is to stick to my personal criteria for baby products-safe and engaging. Baby wants to be stimulated or encouraged in their activities and Mom and Dad want these products to be safe. Marcus & Marcus has food safe gifts for babies and toddlers that you can trust bring peace of mind to parents at mealtime.
    Starting with the design and packaging, Marcus & Marcus products have that contemporary and vibrant look. The products are made BPA-free, PVC-free and Phthalate-free materials. It is a quality, durable food grade silicone rubber that is top rack dishwasher safe. They are soft, pliable and full of fun colors and illustrations.

    Marcus & Marcus products are available on Amazon and you can choose form 5 animals/colors: Marcus the Lion (Red), Pokey the Pig (Pink), Lola the Giraffe (Yellow), Ollie the Elephant (Green) and Willo the Whale (Purple).

    You can find the following products within the 5 themes of Marcus & Marcus mealtime products:
    Baby Bib, Teethers, Baby Spoon, placemat, learning chopsticks, divided plates, water bottle and more. Visit to see all of the products.
    *Read more on BABY PRODUCTS from Parenting Healthy: New Baby Products Roundup

    New Baby Products Roundup

    I was sent samples for feature

    New Baby Products for 2016

    A must-have for safety conscious parents! The monitor’s camera is embedded in a specially designed plush that allows it to be placed anywhere at home, in a car or on the go, making it the most portable monitor on the market! Ages: Birth- 4 years. Available online at

    A combination of a lovely handy durable bag, a sturdy stand-alone mirror together with lights and music for you and your baby to enjoy. Use it in the crib, place it on the floor during tummy-time training or take it with you as you head out. This is the musical toy every mother will take everywhere. For 3-12 months. Available online at

    See my Yookidoo® Lights ‘n Music Fun Ball review too!

    The BabyBum Brush™

    The first-ever, patent-pending diaper cream applicator tool that reduces the risk of bacteria transfer and applies ointment smoother, thicker, and faster for better protection against painful diaper rashes.  BPA free and made of 100% soft silicone, the BabyBum Brush™ is gentle on baby’s skin, wipes clean, and keeps parent’s hands and nail clean from diaper cream mess. Ages: Birth+. MSRP: $7.99. For more information,

    The Kid ‘Sleep My Aquarium by Claessens’ Kids

    The first animated nightlight of its kind. With 4 different lullabies to choose from, the fish “swim” to the rhythm of the lullaby. When the music ends, the fish go to sleep and only the starfish nightlight remains lit for 30 minutes before switching off automatically. If the child makes a noise, the sound detector is activated and the fish swim silently. The sleeping starfish nightlight then remains lit for another 30 minutes before switching off. For Birth +. Available online at

    New Baby Sun Care from NO-AD

    I was sent samples for feature

    My favorite season of the year is almost here! Yet with the long, warm days comes a huge danger to our skin and bodies-the sun! For over 50 years No-Ad has provided us with the larger bottles of sun care without charging the consumer for TV ads or gimmicks. I have always reached for the NO-AD when in the store as it typically ends up being the best value with ingredients that I am OK with using on my family. No-Ad has their new Baby line of safe sun care products.

    NO-AD Baby Gentle Sunscreen Super Size Lotion, SPF 50 

    This is a large bottle of a fragrance-free and hypoallergenic formula made for babies and kids sensitive skin. It is sweat and wet proof and gives the UVA/UVB broad spectrum protection. The formula is paraben-free and contains Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Avobenzone. You can get up to 80 minutes of water activity in one coverage. Learn more.

    NO-AD Baby Sunscreen Stick, SPF 50

    This is a sunscreen stick with a fragrance-free and hypoallergenic formula made for babies and kids sensitive skin. It is sweat and wet proof and gives the UVA/UVB broad spectrum protection. The formula is paraben-free and oil/dye free. You can get up to 80 minutes of water activity in one coverage. Learn more.

    Giveaway: Little Sunshine Boutique Teething Toys and Necklaces

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    My youngest is 7 and I wish these teething necklaces were perfected and available from Little Sunshine Boutique when he was teething. I have a nephew who is almost 2 and my SIL shows up to events in the cutest necklaces that are actually teethers. They are so soft and available in so many colors and the ones at the Little Sunshine Boutique shop have such fun designs for Mom or child.

    Little Sunshine Boutique offers teething necklaces, children necklaces and teething toys. The teethers and necklaces are silicone and FDA approved. It is the same material you find with bottle nipples and pacifiers. There is no BPA, phthalates, cadmium, lead or metals so it is safe and soft for those gums and emerging teeth.

    These necklaces and toys are made with break away clasps and there are knots between the beads so they are made safe for baby. The teething necklaces are meant to be worn on Mom and are close to 30″ long-different styles have slightly different lengths. If your older child wants one of their own, then you will find children necklaces in the shop safe for them to wear. You will love the colors and safety of these adorable teething necklaces and toys!

    The Giveaway

    1 lucky reader gets to go shopping at Little Sunshine Boutique and can select one item from the shop to be sent. Giveaway is open to US and ends on 4/7. Enter below. Good luck!