Organize Your Work Space with 3M Products at Shoplet

Samples were sent by Shoplet for feature

Throughout the past year I have upgraded some work space equipment from new computer and even a new printer. But what I had not done yet was make my workspace function ergonomically and aesthetically for me. I had to wrist protection at my keyboard and was using some motor oil mouse pad I got at a fair years ago. I was looking down a bit at my computer screen and it was not doing my neck and shoulders any favors. 

Why did I wait? My new 3M desk accessories arrived from Shoplet and it not only transformed the look of my workspace but I look at my screen, not down and my wrist is supported whether using my mouse or typing.

Shoplet offers products from office furniture to cleaning supplies. You can also find restaurant products and medical supplies as well. Starting with a simple and common product for any business-let’s look at the assortment of 3M products at great prices from Shoplet. 

My 3M mouse pad with gel wrist rest is so sleek looking. I love the wipeable mouse surface and the gel makes the rest so comfortable. I have an optical mouse and it moves fast and with no hesitation on this surface. Underneath is a nonskid surface. It stays put all day long.
With my mousepad I also have the 3M keyboard with gel wrist rest pad. It is also non skid and stays in place very well, but it gives my wrist the same comfort as the mousepad when I am typing away. I am able to work with good wrist and arm form.

What is so great for me ergonomically is the 3M adjustable monitor stand. I have 4 height options with simple block fitting at the 4 feet. I also now have more work space because so many items I use fit underneath the stand. My post-it notes, business cards, chargers all fit underneath clearing my worktop.

If you have been looking to bulk order and save as you schedule future orders, I highly encourage you to visit Shoplet. If you know a business owner, this is worth a share for them. 

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