Pain Relief with Tiger Balm Giveaway

Tiger Balm Ultra Strength Sports Rub and Pain Relieving Patch
Sponsor: Tiger Balm
Host: Parenting Healthy
When I think of a brand that has been around a long time with a proven history of such a great product my mind may drift to 40-50 years ago. Perhaps if they were around when my parents were young then that is a long track record. Tiger Balm pain relieving products roots go back to the 1870’s. Aw Chu Kin was an herbalist that left his job in the Emporer’s Court to move and open up a little medicine shop where he made his own ointments. Today it is still in stores and in different topical options for fast and effective healing.

Tiger Balm has 7 products:

  1. Tiger bal Extra Strength Ointment-for aches and pains
  2. Tiger Balm Ultra Strength Ointment- a little stronger for stiffer joints and Arthritis
  3. Tiger Balm Neck & Shoulder Rub
  4. Tiger Balm Pain Relieving Patch
  5. Tiger Balm Arthritis Rub
  6. Tiger Balm Liniment
  7. Tiger Balm Muscle Rub
The Tiger Balm Ultra has the strongest concentration of herbal ingredients. It delivers fast, warm and comforting relief. It feels so good as I used it on my aching shoulders and that warming feeling is such relief. It is great for joint and muscle pain, stiff muscles (such as next day after a tough workout) and arthritis in the hands and joints. If you end up with a sore back after exertion, it works great for that too.
The Tiger Balm Patches have a pain relief that lasts for hours. I love that the odor is very minimal. It is not greasy and it will not stain your clothes. It contours well to the body. My pain is my shoulders and neck and it is hard to find a patch that stays against the bend in my shoulders and this does great. It is painless to remove. 
Tiger Balm is safe and very effective and with a history of over 100 years and available to millions of people in over 100 countries, it is proven. Visit to learn more.

The Giveaway

5 lucky readers will be sent a Tiger Balm product. Enter below. Open to US and ends on 7/31. Good luck!

Contest also listed on 


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