Test Products by Joining Trybe

With the age of online shopping, personal reviews are the most popular decision makers when deciding a brand. These reviews go such a long way to the products that if they can send a few off to entice such reviews with products that are a match for you it is a win-win. You get product for free and in return you leave them a quick review. New to the US from Europe and Latin America, Trybe has such an easy system anyone can use and begin to get products sent to your home or the ability to go purchase a particular product for free from a retailer with a provided coupon code and you just use it, then come back to leave your opinion.
I am a Trybe member and you are more than welcome to sign up using my referral link. Go ahead and sign up now, then come back so I can walk you through the rest.
Signed up? Good. Now make sure you click on your profile on the upper right and verify it is 100% complete! Priority of product is given to those with complete profiles. Now click on ‘Products’ in the top banner to see what is available per your profile-country, preferences, children age, etc.. decide what products are available to you. Keep in mind Trybe just arrived in the US as it originated in Norway. There are few products right now but expect more to come very soon. The best way to get ahead and be in good status for priority is to apply to some right now and perhaps you are chosen to be sent one of the products. Once you submit that review you now have status with Trybe-it all helps you out. Just remember to keep checking bak-put the website in your bookmark- because new products can be added at anytime.
Once you click on a product you will get a full description and see a ‘Try it’ button. Click there and you will answer a short questionnaire and be sent into ‘pending’ status for that product. Decisions can happen in a few weeks and perhaps up to a few months. Then it can take a week or longer for products to arrive. It is that easy. You can always keep track of active products you are approved for in your account.
I am being sent the Stokke Hooded Towel. This set is a hooded towel and washcloth for babies and is 100% cotton. It is on its way to me and all I had to do was answer some questions like how many children I have, had I heard of Stokke before, watched a 50 second video about 2 brands answering questions on the video. You will learn more about the brand you just applied for. The videos I watched were very well done advertising so it is engaging and took me under 5 minutes.
So sign up as a Trybe member today, apply to a few products and watch your email in the next few weeks from the brand. Want another tip? A great way to also stay priority is to share your referral link from your profile with friends and family and encourage them to sign up. Your referral code can be a ticket to Trybe telling them that you are an active user. 

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