Keeping Baby Safe – What You Need To Know

A newborn baby is so small and fragile. Every parent would do absolutely anything to protect their little one. But there are so many hazards to watch out for at home and outside. It can be tricky to know how best to protect a baby. And it can be difficult to know when what you’re doing isn’t always the best thing. So what do you need to know about baby safety? A lot!

Incredibly, more accidents happen in the home than away from it. Adults and older children can live life comfortably and safely without much thought to it. But there are lots of hazards that are potentially life threatening for a small baby. When you add tiredness and fatigue to the equation, then you can easily make mistakes that could lead to an accident.

That early morning cup of tea or coffee is the one thing that wakes most people up. But boiling water near little ones can be very dangerous. Baby’s skin is so fragile that a drop of hot drink can be very damaging and painful. It’s a good idea to drink hot drinks and eat hot foods well away from your baby. This can be tricky when you seem to be nursing all day long! Be sure to take breaks so you can have a few minutes to recharge your batteries.

The nursery can also be full of hazards. Unsuitable stuffed animals can fall apart or smother your little one. It’s important to check the safety labels of toys to ensure they’re suitable from birth. Curtains and blinds often have looped pull-cords. Make sure these are tied up high, well away from the baby’s reach. They can pose a hanging risk. Excess dust or damp can also cause your baby to have breathing difficulties. Try to air the room by opening the window each day.

Bathrooms can be the source of molds and mildew that can cause skin reactions or breathing problems for tiny babies. If you are reluctant to use bleaches and harsh chemicals in this area, try to regularly steam clean instead. Keep the windows open while bathing or showering to avoid a buildup of condensation or steam.

The car is also a dangerous place for your baby. With the right car seat, you can rest assured they are protected if something happens. Many click in and out of the car so you can use them as carriers. Be sure to accessorize with a car seat footmuff during winter weather to avoid the cold and wet.

Once your baby starts to crawl, lots of things you take for granted can become hazards. Try to cover all the electric sockets and keep electrical cables well off the ground. Use baby gates to stop little ones venturing up stairs or into the kitchen area. And try to keep your baby away from sleeping pets. While your animal may never ordinarily harm anyone, it’s hard to predict their behavior if suddenly roused from deep sleep.

It can be hard to foresee hazards and accidents in the home or outdoors. Constant risk assessments aren’t really practical. See what you can do to help make life a little safer for your baby.

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