Resilience Film: The Biology of Stress and the Science of Hope in children

I was sent a screen copy for feature

“The child may not remember, but the body remembers.”
In this very eye-opening film you will meet Pediatricians, Psychologists, Educators and communities who are using cutting-edge brain science in an attempt to understand and disrupt cycles of violence, abuse, addiction and disease. These re real stories, children in real situations and the new methods used that are proving successful. It is a new focus for our entire education and medical system encouraged to work together for one child in a way that is seamless and effective. 
Learn about how the story of Ms. Kendra are helping the youngest of children living in difficult situations to have a voice and learn how the ACE program (Adverse Childhood Experiences) is working to treat and prevent toxic stress. 
A must-see film if you work in medical, education, child services or are a parent volunteer. Learn more and see this film today. 

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