Rapid Omnipress 30 Stapler at Shoplet

I was sent sample for feature

As summer hits and you get that head start on back to school or perhaps you are weeks away from sending a child off to college, there are common supplies that we know will get a lot of user throughout the year. A stapler is one of those office and school products we can’t live without. Shopping for a stapler means looking for one that takes standard staples so there is never guessing while shopping for refills and that can handle a load of paper for the biggest of projects.

Shoplet has the Rapid Omnipress 30 Stapler that can handle that thick load. As PTA President I am often in a situation with school packets or meeting materials of needing to gather multiple papers to staple into one set. I love how effortlessly this handles many pages at once. I don’t have to put my weight into it or really count as I can just grab a good size stack and it handles it so well. You can easily staples up to 30 sheets in one hand with the Omnipress technology. The papers don’t shift either-the SuperFlatClinch reduces the paper stack by 40%.
Whether you are an office or restaurant or a big or small company, Shoplet is an avenue to over 1,000,000 business and office supplies at affordable prices. Focused on bringing quality products and many that are environmentally safe, the selections enable even the smallest of businesses access to bundle shopping with next day shipping on most items with a total bill of $25 or more. Shoplet offers products from office furniture to cleaning supplies. 


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