Putting Homemade Tea Window Cleaner to the test with Choice Organic Teas

I was sent samples for feature

With the rise in the desire to live healthier lives and products soaring in sales such as organic foods and essential oils, there are now ways to use these organic and natural items to make household products. This allows us to use less chemicals of standard store products in exchange for an organic and safer product for our family and pets as we clean common areas of our home.

I have heard of homemade window cleaners like this tea window cleaner recipe using just water and organic tea, I wonder how well they work. So I made the recipe by Choice Organic Teas and tried it in my home.

Homemade Tea Window Cleaner Recipe
Seep the 3 tea bags as usual in 1 cup of water. Then let cool. I stick mine in the fridge for about 30 minutes. Pour into spray bottle for use on windows.
Did it work?

The boys bathroom mirror has spray stains I have yet to wipe above. Below is the finished polish using the tea window cleaner. Works like a charm. I am so excited this works because it is very inexpensive and organic so long as the teas you choose is organic like the Choice Organic Teas I use.

Are you tempted to make your own tea window cleaner now?

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