Pretend Play with Suitable Bibs

I was sent a sample for feature.

Let’s face it-toddlers are messy! Even messier than teenagers (it’s close though)! When we can come up with a fun solution it makes staying clean fun for everyone. Suitables are role play bibs perfect for keeping messes off clothing and fun imaginary play for toddler. 
I am so excited to have been sent the Chef Suitable Bib. My brother is a Chef and my nephew turns 2 in May so he will be gifted this Suitable Role Play Chef Bib and both he and my brother will have a blast with this. 
Call me weird, but when I am searching for gifts for others such as my nephews birthday next month, I like when the packaging is just as appealing as the product. I have found some great items and it comes in a clear plastic bag. To me that says a product of lower quality and not much care. The packaging in the Suitables is very giftable with bright colors and a see through window to peek at the product inside. 

The detail is fantastic. From subtle details like the black on the arms and border of the ‘chef coat’ as you would notice a thicker and sometimes colored edges on a real chef coat. The brand name is subtle on the chest so that your child has a title that mimics a name badge. It has the appearance of a jacket opening with the buttons and black overlay and the pen and thermometer design on the sleeve is a fun touch.

The Suitables attaches with a long, strong velcro across the back of the neck area. You can find role play bibs such as Astronaut, Doctor, Firefighter, Chef, Panda, Clownfish, Macaw Parrot and Lion. See them all at You can also find these on Amazon and are a Prime qualifier.

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