Gurunanda Essential Oil Ultrasonic Diffusers

I was sent a sample for feature

Has Mom experienced the benefits of essential oils yet? Mine has not and so Mother’s Day will be the perfect opportunity to set her up. I can get some single oils and some blends that will make her home smell great all while offering healing and disinfecting effects for her home and body. GuruNanda is featuring two diffuser kits-one through Walgreen’s and the other through Walmart. 
The GuruNanda smart dome-shaped diffuser comes with a bottle of peppermint oil. Of all of my oils I have, I use peppermint the most. It smells so good and works for upset tummies too that the boys tend to get. I even drop a bit in my homemade dryer sheet I make. This diffuser set is available at Walgreens for $29.99
I have the GuruNanda’s Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser set that comes with the oil blend-Relaxation. GuruNanda’s Relaxation is a blend of Frankincense, Ho wood and Camphor. The diffuser has a few features I love such as an auto-off when water level gets low, color changing lights and it can run for up to 5 hours. This set is available at Walmart for $19.99
Keep your eye out for these great gift ideas for Mother’s Day. There is nothing more relaxing than the fine mist and scents of most essential oils! Visit to learn more.

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