Stride Rite Star Wars Shoes and Sandals

I was sent samples for feature

If you are a parent or even if you remember being young, shoes were always the piece of clothing you wore as a statement. We have 3 boys and sometimes their style of shoes depended on their favorite color and other times it was by brand or character. Our youngest is 7 and a huge Star Wars fan! He especially loves the green lightsabers just as Luke Skywalker uses. That’s why he went nuts over these Stride Rite Shoes above.

Stride Rite has several styles of Star Wars™ shoes in their collection and the ones we are featuring in this post are the Stride Rite Star Wars™ Hyperdrive Lightsaber Sneaker and it does have the green lightsaber that lights up when the bottom of the shoe is stomped or tapped. Even the heel has hyperdrive-inspired lights. The lightsaber lights up for a split second and fades off.
If you have a Star Wars fan or are simply a fan of Stride Rite who always makes such comfortable children shoes-our boys learned to walk in a pair or two of Stride Rite- you’ll love this Star Wars collection. There are over 12 styles of shoes, flip flops and croc’s from infant to kids sizes. Head to the Stride Rite Star Wars™ Collection of shoes and find your child’s favorite! You just may find an adult shoe style while there!
Do you have a favorite style above?

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