Carson-Dellosa College Savings Giveaway

Sponsored post on behalf of Carson-Dellosa

As a Mom to a High School Senior who just committed to Washington State University next fall, nothing hits you in the pocket harder than college fees and it starts the day they commit. He just committed 3 weeks ago and I have paid a large admission deposit at commitment and a dorm deposit with his housing application. Once they choose him a dorm I need another $500 deposit and once he picks his orientation date I have to pay another several hundreds dollars for activities and orientation fees. This is all prior to dorm move-in and tuition being due! And it didn’t just start-I had fees every time he took the SAT and ACT testing and had to pay for each College application he filled out. You’ll need scholarship help and you’ll need to start saving now!

Thank goodness companies like Carson-Dellosa understands this strain and wants to help parents out in more ways than just in the pocket book. Not only are they offering a giveaway to win college savings for your child’s college fund, they also offer materials to help your child succeed academically.

Carson-Delossa can assist your child at any age in college and career assistance with supplemental education books, flash cards and games. All materials are teacher-developed and cover a wide range of subjects and help in testing preparedness. You can get your early learner a head start, test preparation skills, special needs subjects, subject-specific skill building or summer learning materials for at home encouragement. 

Enter to win
Start by entering the College Savings Giveaway to win up to $2,000. Visit the Carson-Dellosa Giveaway page to enter. The contest ends on May 31, 2016. 

Good luck! 

Do you have children nearing college age? How prepared are you?

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