Children Products: Bungee Boing

I was sent sample fro feature from GeoSpace

Spring break is almost here and summer is right around the corner so outdoor fun will suddenly become a focus. I have featured GeoSpace products on my blog and I continue to feature this brand because these products take a beating from the boys and are still in tact. This newest feature is the Bungee Boing and this one is a lot of fun. 
The Jumparoo Deluxe Bungee Boing Foam Bouncing Toy – The Squeakiest, Easiest Pogo Ever! For Kids 3 Years & Up is for ages 3+ and is a soft and squeaky version of the pogo stick. It really squeaks with every bounce and we had fun laughs. I did not tell my son it squeaks and as he bounced for the first time he would just start laughing so hard. He thought that was such  a great feature. 
What is great about a bouncing toy like the Bungee Boing is that it exercises endurance, coordination, strength and balance.  It has a soft, foam design and padded handle bars with a flexible bungee cord making this a great first pogo toy.

This also works with a app if you choose! You can download the free Boing-o-Meter and keep track of your bounces, measure max air time, compete with friends and share on social media your stats. 

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