Natural Foods: New Organic purjus

I was sent samples for feature

We all go through those periods where we realize we are not consuming enough fruit and/or vegetables in our daily diet. Perhaps our lifestyle has us in a busy mode and short on time so we are eating on-the-go and need to improvise so we can still give our bodies the nutrients it needs from these healthy foods. The glass bottles of purjus can give you those real fruit and vegetable nutrients in their juices.

purjus is great for the entire family and my son loves the apple juice. When you are in a position to be looking for your fruit and vegetable intake from a juice there are a few things to consider to qualify it as a true substitute to eating the real thing. First is reading the label, you need it to be 100% juice-no additives, preservatives or sugars to get that true match to a real fruit. You also need to drink enough- 8oz of 100% juice is equal to 1 fruit/vegetable serving. purjus qualifies as a fruit and/or vegetable serving when you drink an 8oz glass of their flavors.

purjus comes in 3 flavors: Apple Juice, Beet Juice and Beet, Apple, Pear Juice. The apple juice is so delicious and I love that it comes in a glass bottle so the flavor stays in the juice within the bottle. The other 2 flavors contain beet juice and I am not a beet juice fan. You do get the beet taste in those flavors. My husband likes beets and enjoyed the flavor. I can tell you-you have to like beets. Their apple juice is so crisp and refreshing and my favorite!
Learn more about these gluten-free, vegan, non GMO organic juices by visiting 


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