Natural Foods- Chef-Crafted, Healthy Think Jerky

I was sent samples for feature.

With jerky being such a popular snack choice, there is finally a brand that is taking the loads of added sugars and fillers out making it a healthy snack choice with natural ingredients that really makes it a wholesome protein snack. I am not a spice eater so when the Think Jerky arrived I wondered if I would even have the nerve to try such flavors like Sriracha and Chipotle. So one night my husband and I were watching some TV and I opened each bag. I did my due taste test diligence and tried them all and the result is that I cannot choose a favorite because the flavors are all so amazing and crafted in their own unique ways. They are all delicious. The Sriracha leaves a bit of a kick in your mouth so it satisfies the spice lover, but is not a heat that burns or would turn off those who don’t like the spice. It is just perfectly flavored. 
Think Jerky is made with grass-fed beef and free-range turkey that are raised with no added hormones or antibiotics. They are gluten, nitrate and GMO-free. There are no fillers and only half the salt and sugar as mainstream jerky. It is also paleo-friendly and crafted by health-conscious celebrity Chefs including Gale Grand: Food Network Host, Laurent Gras: Food & Wine best new Chef and Matt Troost: farm-to-table expert and Baconfest Champion.

Think Jerky Flavors
  • Sriracha Honey
  • Sweet Chipotle
  • Ginger Orange
  • Thanksgiving
Where to buy Think Jerky

Visit the Think Jerky shop to order your favorite flavors today.
What flavors sound good to you?
Visit to learn more.

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