Using a Foot Roller for Plantar Fasciitis

I was sent a Nano Foot Roller for feature

I have suffered for years with Plantar Fasciitis. I can go long periods without a problem then if I workout or run wrong it flares up. I have learned some techniques that keeps the pain away for longer periods of time such as quality shoes and inserts when needed and running only on the best terrain as opposed to concrete and asphalt. One thing I had never tried until recently is a foot roller. Using a foot roller for Plantar Fasciitis is such a pain relief and also a way to keep pain away when you feel the effects coming on.

I have the Nano Foot Roller form Trigger Point and it is my foot’s new best friend! I don’t just pull it out when I have the pain, I use it for maintenance as well. There are correct ways to use a foot roller for this type of foot pain and it requires only a few short minutes for both feet. You can use it sitting, standing or sitting. I use it in a chair because I can get some good weight to my foot by pressing my hand on my knee for the best contact with the roller.
There are 3 foot zones you want to hit with each foot and simply put, those 3 zones are the bottom center or cushion of you foot, the inner side and outer side of the bottom of the foot that you can get contact with by just slightly tilting your foot to the left and the right. There are videos on the Trigger Point website and their You Tube channel to show you exactly how to use the Nano Foot Roller. Just a few, slow rolls on all zones of the foot for pain or after a run or workout will greatly help your comfort level.
Using foot rollers for the feet or you can even use them on your arms has gained great popularity with Athletes and now that I have learned to use one I can see why! Just think of it as a foot massage you can do on your own only using a massage stick or roller that really touches those trigger points. It is so easy and requires such little time and effort, everyone should incorporate using a foot and body roller into their day for pain and stress relief. There have been times I have grabbed a foot roller and used it for such great relief I have been able to skip taking OTC pain medication because I caught it and massaged those points in time. 


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